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The Awed Photographer self portrait

I'm Awed

My grandfather was a professional photographer, so I and my siblings spent our entire lives in front of the camera. I took it for granted that every moment would be recorded for me. Even my kids' early lives are photos taken by my wife, mother, and mother-in-law.

I took up the hobby in 2004, after realizing I'd neglected to record too many events in my life. While I was in the US Air Force, I saw the hellish glow of the oil fires in Kuwait after Operation Desert Storm, but don't have a single picture of them. I saw the pure joy of Somali men unloading grain from our C-130 in Operation Restore Hope, but didn't get a photo of their smiling faces. I've seen the shadow of my airplane in the middle of a circular rainbow, but I can only describe it in words.

As I took on the hobby, I learned I needed a mission more than simply pressing the shutter and adhering to the rule of thirds, and started trying--really trying--to capture brief moments that tell the story of the blessing we have in what God created for us. I took photos not to glorify me, but to attempt to glorify Him. I began to see the world differently, and became more and more awed by what I found. Mountains tower above us, touching the clouds, but also take moisture from the air, both feeding and starving plant life with rain. Stars cast their light from a few millions to trillions of miles away, taking from 8 minutes to billions of years to shine on my sensor. Flowers bloom. Rivers flow. Clouds roil, create lighting, and release rain and snow. Insects move along the ground or a plant leaf, cleaning dead plant-life, or pollinating new. The universe is truly awesome!


My photos changed from that moment forward.

I created this site to share these story-telling moments with you. If you find you like one or more of them, I'll make them available for download at a nominal cost. That will help cover the expense of maintaining this site. (It might also placate my lovely wife a little, who bears some of the cost of this expensive pursuit.) The time may come I will expand and sell prints, but I want never to look through my eyepiece and feel the pressure of getting the next money shot.

Until then, please enjoy my photos. I hope they inspire you, even if they inspire only a fraction of the awe I experienced when I captured them.

Are You Awed Too?

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